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Use Code BOARDMEETING For 50% Off!

Use Code BOARDMEETING for 50% off Jordan Lake Paddleboard rentals & Jordan Lake Supyak rentals from 1-5 PM

Valid on every friday afternoon this season between 1-5 PM

Friday March 29-Friday Oct 11, 2024

Call to book Weedkend Early Bird Specials (984) 833-8855!

This early bird promo code is valid for the following Saturday & Sunday weekend rentals starting at 9 or 9:30 AM.

Valid for the following:

  • Jordan Lake Jetski Rentals
  • Ecoboat for 2
  • Jordan Lake Paddleboard rentals
  • Jordan Lake SupYak rental, Jordan Lake single Kayak rental (adult & youth)
  • Jordan Lake Tandem kayak rental
  • Captained jetboat rental
  • luxury pontoon charter.

Saturday and Sunday: March – October 2024