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Important Rental Information

Rules & Information

  1. All renters must be 18+ to rent any equipment from LETTS GO Watersports (LGW).  A Valid Driver’s license is required at check in.
  2. Anyone under age 18 must have signed parental consent to participate in any water sports activity.   Children 5 yrs of age and older may ride as a passenger with their parent on a jet skis (also referred to as Sea Doo, Personal Watercraft, or PWC,) Paddleboard, or Supyaks for an additional fee.  16 – 17 Yr.  olds may independently operate non-motorized water sports, including Paddleboards, Kayaks, & Supyaks with parental consent.
  3. Life Jackets are provided for your safety and must be worn by all operators and participants when participating in all rental activities. 
  4. It is your responsibility to let LGW staff know if you are uncomfortable operating rental equipment, or need additional safety education/operator equipment instruction.  You must comply with all stated and customary terms and conditions for the use of the rented equipment.
  5. In  the event of lightning, thunder, or encountering other unexpected ominous weather conditions, return to launch site immediately, or seek shelter off the water (whichever is closest & safest). Contact LGW staff immediately letting them know you are safe, along with your location, and we will reschedule your rental to another day.
  6. LGW is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items including cell phones, keys, wallets, purses,  money, sunglasses or other valuables.
  7. Renters are liable for replacement cost of rental equipment, life jackets, and accessories and if returned damaged, broken, or missing.
  8. Return rental equipment on time. Renters who are 1-15 minutes late returning equipment will be charged $75.  Renters 16-30 minutes late will be charged $150 late return fee. Renters 31-45 minutes late will be $225 late fee and renters who are 46 minutes late – 1 hour late will be charged $300 late return fee. *Late  Rentals past 1 hour are charged  $1000 daily, up to the replacement cost of the equipment for items.
  9. Do not consume alcohol, recreational drugs or any substance thing that impairs your reflexes, thinking, & judgment before or while using rental equipment. This includes legally prescribed marijuana or other prescription medication that impairs thinking, reflexes, & judgment. FOR EVERYONES’ SAFETY, WE WILL NOT RENT EQUIPMENT TO ANYONE APPEARING OR SUSPECTED TO BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, or exhibiting unusual behavior or diminished mental capacity.   We will reschedule your rental to another day upon your request,  for a $95 change fee.
  10. Weather Policy: Afternoon rain and thunderstorms are typical in NC and usually blow over quickly. We will contact you if your booking is delayed or needs to be rescheduled due to weather. If your reservation is cut short due to weather, we will reschedule your booking for another day. If you have weather related concerns pertaining to your reservation, you may text us up to 7 AM the day of your reservation and we will gladly reschedule your event. (984) 833-8855.
  11. Reschedule Policy:  We will gladly reschedule any reservation up to the day before your rental without penalty. Rental equipment is brought in daily based on the day’s manifest – no call/no shows are not eligible for reschedule. All booking are non-refundable.
  12. If the rental period is shortened or terminated due to renter error, or other reasons,  there will be no reschedules or refunds. 
  13. Sea Doo rentals come with a full tank of fuel.  Renter is responsible for their gas usage and will be invoiced at the current gas refuel price of $4.00 gallon (marine grade, non-ethanol gas)  typically within 48 hours following rental.  Do not attempt to refuel Sea Doo yourself.  A variety of conditions & factors including # of passengers, weight, speed, weather, water conditions, driving mode, performance and other factors affect how much gas is consumed.
  14. Sea Doo rental equipment are brand new, 2020 & 2021 models.  A $750/ $1000 deposit will be held for each Sea Doo in your possession until the equipment is returned without damage, in good working condition.  If one person provides deposits for multiple vessels, then the total combined deposit amount may be held to pay any and all damage costs.
  15. A North Carolina boaters license (or approved boating course by NC Wildlife Commission) is recommended for all Sea Doo operators and passengers.  A free online approved boating course is available at
  16. Passengers under the age of 5 years old are not allowed on Sea Doo – no exceptions.
  17. A private jet ski lesson is recommended for anyone with little or no jet ski experience, or whose skills are rusty.  A jet-ski lesson can be added to a 1.5 hr., 2.5 hr, half-day, or full-day rental, and will take place at the beginning of the rental period.  
  18. SAFETY is our #1 priority.  Should LGW staff determine that a jet ski lesson is needed, the lesson will be completed during the scheduled rental time and you will charged for a private lesson.  For example:  If you purchased a 2 1/2 hour rental and it was determined that a private lesson was needed, the lesson will take place at the beginning of the rental period, and once proficient on the jetski, you will have the remaining time for the rental.  Do not allow passengers, including children, to ride with you until you are comfortable and proficient operating the jet ski.  Refunds, partial refunds, or extended rental time will not be given for anyone requiring a lesson.
  19. Stay with your rental equipment at all times, and never leave it unattended.  If engine fails, is not running correctly, or equipment gets damaged, stay with equipment and contact the rental office immediately.  Do not attempt to drive Sea Doo or restart engine if it fails as this may cause further damage and you will be responsible for those damages caused by operating it when it’s not running correctly.  Do not let anyone tow Sea Doo when it has water in it, as it will sink.
  20. Stay at least 100 feet from shore, hazard buoys, shallow or dirty looking water, or trees as these can cause damage to the Sea Doo hull, engine and propeller system.   Beaching a Sea Doo (driving, operating, or parking on or near a beach) is not permitted.
  21. Stay at least 100 feet from boats, jet skis, people and any other objects.  
  22. Do not operate Sea Doo in shallow water below your waist, in narrow channels less than 300 ft wide, or close to the shore or beach, as the jet pump may become clogged and cause engine to overheat or in worse cases, may severely damage or destroy the intake manifold, jet pump, & engine.   Sea Doo Renters are liable for damages to Sea Doo resulting from operating in shallow water, narrow channels, water less than 5 feet deep,  & close to shore.
  23. Never follow directly behind or close to any vessel or boat.  Rental equipment has no right of way.
  24. Look left, right, behind, and in front before turning.  Never cut off other vessels.
  25. Do not turn steering all the way and hold throttle wide open while driving Sea Doo. This will cause motor to overheat and/or someone could get hurt or fly out/off of the Sea Doo.  Sea Doo Renters are liable for damages resulting from not following stated and customary rules.
  26. Sea Doo renters MUST observe and obey “No Wake” zones, and stay at least 100 feet from hazard buoys.
  27. Uniform Waterway Markers: ALL-RED BUOY indicates vessels should pass between it and its companion, an all green buoy. Keep red buoy on starboard (right) side when proceeding up stream or when entering a channel from the main body of water. Red buoys are used opposite, or in plain sight of, an all-green buoy to mark the edge of a well-defined channel. Numbers, when used, will be white and even. ALL-GREEN BUOY indicates vessels should pass between it and its companion, an all-red buoy. Keep green buoy on port (left) side when proceeding upstream, or when entering a channel from the main body of water
  28. Do not attempt to dock the Sea Doo at any boat docks or marina during your rental.  If you must dock due to an emergency, use bumpers and have a person holding equipment 6+ inches from dock at all times.
  29. No more than 2 persons are allowed on the 2 person Sea Doo at any time, and the weight limit must not be exceeded.
  30. No more than 3 persons are allowed on the 3 person Sea Doo at any one time,  and the weight limit must not be exceeded. 
  31. Do not shut motor off when the Sea Doo is moving as you will have no control over the Sea Doo – instead,  slow down slowly.
  32. Be Safe and always air on the side of caution.  Do not attempt to operate  rental equipment outside of your abilities.
  33. Be courteous to your fellow water sports enthusiasts.
  34. Do not litter or leave trash on/in your rental equipment.  There is a $25 cleaning fee if we have to clean up after you, or remove trash from the vessel.
  35. The Eco-friendly boat is a comfortable, compact boat for 2 adults, 500 lbs or less.  A child or pet may be added for a small fee, as long as they fit comfortably in the seat.  Riders MUST REMAIN SEATED in the lounge seats at all times.  This boat is designed for comfort and relaxation, not for water sports.
  36. There are 5 forward speeds on the Eco-boat (1 slowest-5 fastest) up to 4 mph, and 2 reverse speeds.  A hand held manual lever steers the boat (similar to a paddle boat).
  37. Do not sit, stand, jump, or dive on the front or sides of the Eco-friendly boat as this will cause the boat to flip upside down, resulting in loss of deposit, plus a $750 flipped boat charge.
  38. A gauge on the inside, right of the Eco-boat lets you know how much battery power is left.  It is your responsibility to monitor the battery life of the Eco-boat.  A typical charge generally lasts 3-5 hours, and is dependent on passenger weight in the boat and weather conditions (smooth vs. choppy water).
  39.  If you park the Eco-boat on a beach or at a campsite, remember to shut it off or it will drain the battery.  If we have to come get you and/or recover the boat because of a drained battery, you will lose your deposit and be charged a $750 recovery fee.

Fee Schedule For Damaged Rental Equipment

  • Minor damage charges for Sea Doo (jet skis) or Eco-friendly boats are $100/inch for scratches, and $500/inch for cracks or holes.  Your  deposit will be held until the repair has been completed. 
  • Renters are responsible for any major damage to Sea Doo or Eco-friendly boats during their rental period, or for Sea Doo and Eco-friendly boats that are deemed inoperable during and following their rental due to renter error.  Your deposit will not be refunded and you will be charged  for the repairs.  Minimum repair charge for any Sea Doo or Eco-boat is $500. 
  • It is very important you do not flip the Sea Doo upside down as water can get into the engine and require 4-6 oil changes to get the water out. There will be a minimum charge of $750 for a flipped Sea Doo and you will lose your deposit.  If the PWC is still not running correctly after water is removed, you will additionally be responsible for the parts and labor charges to repair the Sea Doo.  Minimum repair charge is $500 and could be upwards in the thousands of dollars, if for example, the engine needs to be replaced.  Flipped Sea Doos are not covered by jetski renter/operator insurance.
  • It is very important that you do not flip the Eco-boat upside down, as it may sink.  At a minimum water will get into the electrical components of the boat and stereo and need to be replaced.  There is a minimum $750 charge for a filled Eco-boat and you will lose your deposit.  If the Eco-boat is still not running correctly after the water has been removed, you will additionally be responsible for the parts and labor charges to repair the Eco-boat.
  • In the event your Sea Doo or Eco-boat must be towed, you will be charge a $500 towing fee plus applicable mileage,  $1/mile.  Towing fees are not covered by jetski renter/operator insurance.
  • In the event your Sea Doo or Eco-boat must be recovered from the lake or other location, you will be charged for the full cost of recovery, and will also lose your deposit.  Minimum recovery fee for a Sea Doo or Eco-boat is $750.  Recovery fees are not covered by jetski renter/operator insurance.
  • Jetski renter/operator insurance is available for $50/person/Sea Doo to protect renters in the event they cause serious damage to their rented Sea Doo during their rental period.    Jetski renter/operator insurance covers cost of repairs to the rented Sea Doo in the event of a collision or accident involving said Sea Doo, resulting in repair cost of $4000 or greater (parts & labor) to that Sea Doo.  (Jetski renter/operator insurance does not cover property damage or injury to 3rd parties who may be involved in the accident, including to other boats, jetskis, docks, or persons).  Additional passengers riding or operating the Sea Doo, if any, are not covered under jetski renter/operator policy and must purchase their own jetski renter/operator policy in order to have jetski renter/operator insurance coverage.
  • In the event of a jetski renter/operator insurance claim, the renter’s deposit will be forfeited and the $1250 deductible will be charged to the renter or operator for the cost of repairs that are $4000 or greater.   Any damage or expenses incurred that are outside the scope of renter policy are the responsibility of the renter. 
  • THEFT is not covered by jetski renter/operator insurance. Never leave Sea Doo or other rental equipment unattended.
  • In the event you lose the Sea Doo or Eco-boat gets stolen during your rental, you will lose your security deposit and are financially responsible for the purchase of the latest year’s same Sea Doo make/model.  If multiple Sea Doos or Eco-boats were rented, all deposits will be forfeited.
  • Damage charges for paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks, & sup yaks are $30 inch for major scratches, $100 inch for a minor crack or hole in an area that does not cause the vessel to take on water.
  • In the event non-motorized water sports equipment is returned badly damaged, is lost, or stolen, your deposit will applied to the purchase of a new piece of equipment and you will be responsible for any remaining costs, including loss of rental income at the daily rate until the equipment has been replaced.
  • In the event a Sea Doo, Eco-boat, or jetski/boat accessory is damaged due to operator error and has to be repaired, you are responsible for loss of rental income for the equipment at the published daily rate, until such repairs have been completed.
  • Bombardier manufacturer claims the Sea Doo phone compartment is watertight when used properly; however LGW is not responsible for damaged, broken, or lost items including cell phones, keys, wallets, purses,  money, sunglasses or other valuables.
  • LGW staff may take photos or videos of you and your guests’ rental activity, and share these photos with you.  Please alert LGW staff if you do not wish to have your photo taken and/or used for  website and social media advertising.
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